Katherine Belise

Accompanist - Katherine Belisle

Katherine started her piano musical training at a young age and completed her piano studies through the Royal Conservatory of Music program in Toronto. For several years, she taught piano and provided occasional musical support to various church services in the Barrie area prior to her full-time nursing career. Katherine worked over 20 years as a registered nurse in Toronto and in the fall of 2000, she and her husband moved to Muskoka. They both continued their respective careers until retiring to this beautiful region in 2013.
Katherine’s love of music has always remained strong. She was delighted to take on the accompanist role for The Muskoka Men of Song in the fall of 2007. Her association with the choir continues to be a very important and gratifying segment of her life.
Katherine has been a tower of strength and inspiration to the group and we are very happy to have her working with us.