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The Late Sean Kelly was one of the founding members of The Muskoka Men of Song. His dedication and love of music are among the qualitiesSen Keey Winner 2016 that we wish to support in talented young musicians of Muskoka.


To financially assist musically talented young individuals that experience financial limitations, geographical and/or transportation restrictions with respect to accessing music instruction in their efforts to attain their goals in advanced musical endeavours.


  1. The applicant must be either - a graduating Grade 8 student or a Secondary School student, and a resident of Muskoka.

  2. The student must demonstrate desire to pursue advanced training/education in music and is inhibited by financial restrictions and accessibility to instruction.

  3. The student must aspire to be involved in musical performance within the community.

  4. The student must demonstrate a need for support.

  5. The money from the bursary must be used to assist in obtaining instruction beyond that available in school courses.

  6. An applicant’s instructor must provide a written, confidential recommendation in support of the applicant’s request, including an expression of the applicant’s ability in their chosen field.


The annual awards approved will be based upon the value of the bursary fund in the given year and the relative merits of the applicants.

  • The amount of the award is at the discretion of The Muskoka Men of Song Bursary Committee.
  • Students may apply in successive years providing they remain in compliance with the criteria.
  • The Muskoka Men of Song Bursary Committee reserves the right to refuse support to an applicant it considers has failed to remain in compliance with the criteria.

  • All applications MUST be sumitted by regular postal service.
2016 Winner

To download a copy of the application and information Sheet Click Here:

For more information contact:
The Muskoka Men of Song
c/o Kenneth Carman Veitch
97 Glendale Rd.,
Bracebridge, On
P1L 1A7


Email – kcveitch@muskoka.com

Applications must be received by the committee by April 15, 2017

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